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Rush Dot Computer


Yulia Carolin Kothe

Visual and UI design and development for the portfolio site of visual artist Yulia Carolin Kothe.

As Yulia works in various mediums — sculpture, installation, sound, writing, and performance — we wanted to develop an interface with interactions highlighting the playfulness of the crossover of her disciplines.

The project also required developing an accessible backend system for Yulia to organise and update her projects as well as easily create translations for all content into German.

close up of text with exhibition images censoring some words
mockup of a project page on Yulia's site. the right side of the page has exhibition images and the left side has a white background with black text
close up of Yulia's site title, black text on white background
mockup of the Info page on Yulia's website, white background with black text
mockup of large exhibition image covering most of the screen with the background blurred